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This page will be dedicated to all Bills talk.  Submit your Bills mock draft or simply post trades or rumors that you have heard.  Give profiles on players you would like to see the Bills draft or sign in Free Agency.  Whatever, anything Bills goes… Have fun guys!!!


Buddy Nix History suggests NO Left Tackle at 10!!!

Now I know Buddy Nix was not the GM in San Diego, but he was the Asst. GM and I’m sure he and AJ Smith’s philosophies are very similar. Look no further than the 2010 draft when Nix selects Spiller at 9 and 2 picks later Smith selects Mathews. When they took over in 2001 here is there fist round selections.

2001: Tomlinson RB... with G Hutchinson on the board
2002: Jammer CB… with LT Mckinnie and Levi Jones on the board
2003: Sammy Davis CB….with Stinthcomb on the board
2004: Eli Manning QB doesn’t matter who was on the board..
2005: Shawn Merriman OLB…. with Jamaal Brown and Alex Barron on the board
2006: Cromartie CB….Davin Joesph on the board
2007: Craig Daivs WR…Tony Ugoh on the board
2008: Antoine Cason CB…No T of taken around that pick

After 08 he became a scout for the Buffalo Bills in 2009, but after careful review you can see they seek out, outside playmakers in the first round. With 4 CB’s, 1 QB. 1 RB, 1WR and 1 OLB…

I know some here will say, well they made a lot of mistakes or this and that, but that is not the point, the point is, this is a model of how our GM most likely views a draft. So IMO I say we are going CB or WR at 10. Mark it down we are not going OT there!!!

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